Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Sucks

February 26, 2011 The Venus Project | 40 Comments

The Venus Project virus continues to infect thousands

Let me start by congratulating the makers of this movie for producing an exceptional piece of propaganda in the classical sense of the term — it very articulately conveys a message that even us unenlightened gentiles can understand. But fortunately for the world, it’s not quite persuasive enough to effect any meaningful change. In this stormy cloud of ideas lies a dangerous system of beliefs that despite the best intentions of Jacques Fresco and his followers will further entrench the power elite onto their thrones.
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Is Keynes the true father of the Venus Project ideology?

April 19, 2009 Economics, The Venus Project | 6 Comments

Arthur Keynes is the man largely responsible for creating the economic theories that justify our current form of big government capitalism. He is the man most commonly cited to defend fiscal stimulus and bailout packages and is followed by most modern economists, but is he the true father of abundance, and the current economic collapse the attempt to create abundance has created?

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Why the world has money

December 19, 2008 The Venus Project | 11 Comments

Why the Venus Project must destroy humanity to create a perfect world for humans

Dollars are money, but money is not dollars. Gold is money, but money is not gold. How do I explain these apparent contradictions? Simple, there is a one-to-many relationship between money and things we use for money. Referring to dollars as a form of money is technically accurate, but referring to money as dollars is not sufficient to describe all the properties of money — it limits the definition to dollars. Money is anything we use to trade for what we want. It’s a store of purchasing power. It’s something people either want, or will accept, in exchange for their property or labor. Sometimes money is a physical object, sometimes not. Not all forms of money are equal.

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Venus Project, or 1984 on steroids?

November 21, 2008 The Venus Project, Videos | 36 Comments

Is this perhaps what would be required to impose the Venus Project on the world? Who knows. Just watch and learn. I strongly recommend the book, it had a significant influence on my thinking at a young age. Also, Frederick Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom“.

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Zeitgeist: Addendum and The Venus Project hoax

October 8, 2008 Politics, The Venus Project | 1,094 Comments

View the Zeitgeist film at the bottom of this post.

The Venus Project assumes there can be an abundance of everything. That is simply not true. Technology can make many things abundant and the film discusses energy in great detail, but that is hardly everything. Human demand is limitless, it’s simply not possible for 6 billion people to each live in a 5000 square foot mansion with attached private beach on the Florida coast. We live in a finite world and I am simply not convinced that even the base assumption proselytized by this film is realistic. In fact, it appears to be terribly flawed and reminiscent of discredited communist rhetoric.

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