Occupy Wall Street Will Fail

October 17, 2011

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Many years from now people will not view this movement as having accomplished nothing, but ordinary participants won’t be satisfied with its outcome. Not for lack of energy or intent, simply for lack of foresight and understanding of where power hides, and how it survives.

In times of great uncertainty everybody rationalizes away the failures of today as the inevitable outcome of everybody else’s ideas in hopes of achieving their version of change and validating long held personal convictions. This cognitive dissonance not only applies to those marching in the street, it also applies to those in power.

Just as the talking heads on your most hated news network will never convince you of anything, no matter how open you pretend your mind to be, songs and signs will never convince other people of anything either, especially not those in power benefiting from the system being condemned. Public expressions of outrage are necessary, cathartic and catalysing for change, but are they effective in the eyes of those who participate? Who really benefits?

The economic and political commanding heights are not only used to advance personal and special agendas; they are also used to exploit the confusion and paralysis facilitated by the inflated expectations of quasi-hysterical idealists for agendas of far reaching consequence. The views of those in power will not be affected by your protests but they will never let a good crisis go to waste; the world is a game and some people choose to be pawns.

“If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life.”
Henry David Thoreau

To be successful, every movement must carefully pick its friends, but it must even more carefully pick its enemies. “The rich” constitute a diverse group of people; among them those with power and those without. It should be evident that whenever a large group is targeted collectively enemies are made among the innocent and nobody resists more forcefully then the wrongfully condemned.

For the powerful, playing chess, the enemy king is now exposed. In all the excitement, idealists have made it too easy for those with power to hide and misdirect while everybody exhausts their resources, energy and will to struggle. As the lines are drawn, powerful people conspire to preserve their status in all the areas that matter. Who do you think will write any legislation required to effect the change you desire, anyway, when it magically appears on your doorstep? Think about it. No matter which side loses, in this scenario, they win.

Did you ever wonder who decided to personalize the target of these protests against the top 1%? Are they really the problem, or is it something more fundamental about the system that created the disparity?

Don’t play on their board; a successful movement must create its own field and pick the opportune moments to advance. The art of war is in having no form and avoiding conflict on the opponent’s terms.

Be cunning and pragmatic, pick a narrow opponent and focus on the core objections to lure their traditional allies to your side with empathy and understanding. Don’t be so naïve as to think those with entrenched power will simply abdicate the thrown. Even if the movement is pure, be assured powerful people will attempt divide and deliver their change on your platter.

When people of modest stature delude themselves into believing they can effect major change by associating other unrelated narrowly held political objections to the popular and common outrage, the movement is balkanized and easily co-opted.

It is not necessary to mobilize in numbers when secrecy and money suffice, it is only necessary when there is a desire to shift the meaning of normal. As people marching on the street create the conditions for change without a strategy or assurance of influence in shaping that new normal, they will in fact achieve the exact opposite of their intentions, as they often have in the past.

They are giving a gift to those they wish to unseat.

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Comment by point
2011-10-18 06:40:30

Message is a tactic. This movement is being Tea Partied. What might have started as an independent expression of broadly held outrage has become a vehicle for all kinds of nutbars to seek validation of their crazy.

Comment by anonymous
2011-10-22 09:58:31

Is this about financial reform or global warming and education? They’re just a bunch of socialists looking for an excuse to riot.

Comment by black
2011-10-25 07:10:53

of course it’s being tea partied, do you really think the Kock foundation wants something brought in that only has the value of how much people really need it? If we can get to the point where we can produce and need so little, if I mayrefer to “Atlas Shrugged”, things become only as valuable as you need them. Restructuring society will do away with big Corp. and we will find outselves needing very little of the things we think we do now. My husband’s greatest pride is being able to find use for something that we had thrown out, or that someone else had. My family and I have waited for this for almost 40 years, becoming self-sufficient has become one of the most impowering things I could have ever done for myself. we have practically disapeared from the grid. A couple of more projects and we will have made it. Do you know what I cherish more than anything else? My books! If you are not afraid to read, and afraid to ask questions and are willing to see the sad blankness in peoples faces, feed me clothe me, tell me how to think, etc.with the absenteeism of true creativity; you too can have the freedom to develop, grow and change. It’s not so much the “physical”, it is out intent and willingness to do good that alters the vibrations of the universe. That’s another lecture.

Comment by pcos diet plan
2012-10-06 18:31:10

It had good intentions, but you know what I think the real problem is? Social media. It’s like playing telephone with a new breed of idiot. It gives just enough information to riled up masses, but not enough to educate them. Same thing is happening in the middle east now.

2012-10-10 06:53:55

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